Severin - Coffee Grinder - Black & Silver


- Adjustable grinding level
- Stainless-steel disk grinder
- For filter coffee
- Start button
- Detachable collection container for up to 100 g ground coffee
- Container for approx. 150 g coffee beans

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Severin KM3874 coffee grinder with stainless steel disk grinder

The Severin KM 3874 coffee grinder has an attractive black and silver design. The coffee grinder's 9-level adjustable disk grinding mechanism makes it ideally suited for filter coffees.
The 100 Watt motor of the disk grinder provides an even grind and a consistent coffee quality when brewing coffee.
The storage container of the KM 3874 coffee grinder holds approx. 150 g of coffee beans. The removable collection container for the grounds can receive up to 100 g of ground coffee.
Non-skid rubber feet ensure the grinder's firm and stable position.

Technical specifications: Coffee Grinder KM 3874:

- Approx. 100 W
- Grind settings adjustable at 9 levels
- For filter coffee V number of cups set by electronic timer
- Start button
- Stainless steel disk grinder
- Removable collection container for up to 100 g of ground coffee
- Storage container for approx. 150 g of coffee beans
- Non-skid rubber feet
- Colour black/silver

Dimensions of coffee grinder (w x h x d) - 140mm x 240mm x 180mm


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