PURA Soda Pomegranate


6 x 330ML


Zesty, sharp and as fresh as a mountain stream, this PURA Soda Pomegranate slips down easy like Sunday morning, quenching your thirst drop after drop.
Pura Soda offers a range of soft drinks that contain 65% less sugar than others, are made from natural flavours, and contain no colourants. Made from just 5 ingredients and boasting just 65 calories per 330ml can, it's the healthier alternative. What's more, it pairs well with a good gin.

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Brand PURA Soda


We’ve all got #healthylifegoals, but they’re way easier to set than achieve.

What if there was a fun, simple way to live a little healthier and quench your thirst a little better? There is. It’s called PURA Soda and it comes with low sugar, natural flavours and no colourants.



At PURA, we’re passionate about healthier living.

That’s why our soda exists to offer you all the taste and refreshment of a soft drink, with none of the bad stuff. We call it ‘Evolved Refreshment’ and it’s our gift to you. Because in a world where far less healthier alternatives are rife, we’re here to offer you something PURA.

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Brand PURA Soda

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