Uber Flavour Berry & Buchu


A bright and flavourful blend of nature’s sweet superfruits combined with the natural healing properties of Buchu.
Case contains 6 x 330ml bottles.

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Uber Flavour Berry & Buchu

We love this flavour almost as much as we love saying ‘Buchu’. ‘Buchu’. ‘Buchu’.

Ok, enough of that.

It’s time to enjoy the bright and flavourful blend of nature’s sweet super fruits combined with the natural healing properties of, wait for it, Buchu.


Über Flavour

Welcome to the future of Rooibos Craft Iced Tea.

Life on earth just became better with Über Flavour.

Shaking up the beverage landscape, one sip at a time.

We brew real loose-leaf tea.

Blended with freshly pressed fruit juice and natural ingredients.

All the flavours combine Rooibos with a unique blend of ingredients.

No added sugar, additives or artificial flavourants, caffeine-free and rich in antioxidants.

Its Unexpected. Brave. Fresh.

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Über Flavour