Rush Pomegranate Juice Lite


Contains 6 x 250ML Bottles
This Drink is:

Preservative free
Colourant free
Flavourant free
GMO free
Refined sugar free
Locally sourced
Rich in antioxidants
Lower calories

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It’s high in the good stuff like taste and antioxidants, low in the bad stuff like sugar and calories and zero in anything artificial like preservatives, colourants, sweetners and flavourants.

It packs a phenolic punch to boost the immune system and fight off inflammation, colds and flu; PLUS it clears out arteries. It’s also just plain tasty – with its tarty sweetness and extra hydration. It’s the better-for-you option in healthy juices. We’ll drink to that!



Rush was created to give pure fuel for active and growing bodies.

The creator has a passion for sports and performance nutrition, and wanted healthy eating for her and her family.

This Pomegranate Juice is naturallyrefreshing.

Together with on-the-go convenience and ingredients that are free from toxins and are used as close to their natural state as possible.

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