Pura Kids Mixed Berry


Contains: 6 x 200ml
Low sugar
All natural
No preservatives
Environmentally friendly paper straw



PURA Kids Mixed Berry is a fun and super tasty flavour infused drink.

It is low in sugar, all natural and preservative free.

This is the new healthier alternative for your little legends who also deserve to be treated to great tasting drinks that are better for them.

Because in a world where far less healthier alternatives are rife, we’re here to offer you something a little PURA




We’ve all got #healthylifegoals, but they’re way easier to set than achieve.
What if there was a fun, simple way to live a little healthier and quench your thirst a little better? There is. It’s called PURA Soda and it comes with low sugar, natural flavours and no colourants.