MONIN White Chocolate Sauce (1.89 Litre)


Unlike “chocolate” (i.e. milk chocolate or dark chocolate), the rich, buttery flavor of white chocolate is not derived from the cocoa bean itself, but from cocoa butter. The sweet, subtle flavour of white chocolate perfectly complements and enhances other flavours.

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MONIN White Chocolate Sauce (1.89 Litre) has a wonderful creamy white chocolate taste.

It enhances your steamer!

Try to combine it with MONIN Matcha Green Tea syrup and milk, and you’ll be amazed by its unusual smooth taste.

Add a hint of MONIN Chocolate sauce in your frozen preparation to keep the consistent texture longer.



One Brand, a world of endless solutions …

MONIN is more than a drinks solution, it’s a way of living…

A genuine brand experience based on our centenary brand values.

It’s about giving pleasure and enjoyment by using only the best natural ingredients in the most exciting and creative way.

Our personality is open-minded, gourmet, passionate, curious and expert.

We are the best we can be, open to new ideas and seeking to endlessly inspire.

A variety of flavours to choose from makes it all the better.

From Syrups to Sauces and Purees.

Our products can be added to any drink.

Cocktails, Smoothies, Milkshakes, coffees and many more.

Don’t just take our word for it! Try it yourself!

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