Monin Lime Syrup (700ml)


Monin Lime Syrup squeezes fresh lime flavor into sodas, cocktails and mocktails.
The invigorating, juicy flavor of lime is a staple of some of the world’s most popular drinks. Our Lime Syrup features the strong nose of lime peel and the sweet, acidic freshness of lime juice, perfect for mojitos, margaritas and more.

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Monin Lime Syrup (700ml) – Limes are vitamin, ferrum, potassium, and folic acid carriers. Their juice is suitable for fish, poultry and vegetables, and sauces. Additionally, you should not undervalue the taste of lime in desserts, cakes, and cocktails! Before using, wash the peel thoroughly, rub the peel off and squeeze the fresh juice. Use the fruit within a week. Limes grow in sunny climates. You will recognize ripe fruits by their ripe citrus smell and smooth peel.
Many classic cocktails contain the fresh taste and the tart-sweet acidity an exotic and authentic lime flavour. Take advantage of it and start to use Monin Lime syrup. It contains more sugar than water and has a fruit rate of 20%. Whereas Lime Juice Cordial contains 50% fruit juice and has more water than sugar.



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