La Montagna™ Coffee Pod Variety Pack


A pack of 50 compostable pods in our Dark, Medium and Decaf Roasts as a Variety pack containing 2 x Dark, 2 x Medium and 1 Decaf.

Compatible with Nespresso® pod machines.

The perfect coffee to enjoy all day, without limit.

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La Montagna™ Coffee pods are made with an environmentally friendly compostable material.

You can enjoy our speciality roasts while doing your part to protect the environment.

The Pod variety Pack has a mix of Dark, medium and Decaf Roast Pods.


La Montagna™ Dark Roast is the one for “everyone”.

The combination of these two types of beans, at their unique roast profiles, creates a deep, dark, rich flavour, enjoyable in any form.

La Montagna™ Medium Roast is our signature roast.

It boasts rich cherry and citrus flavours when extracted as an espresso while bringing a lovely depth and sweetness when slowly brewed through a filter or even as a cold brew.

La Montagna™ Decaf coffee uses top-quality Colombian beans that have undergone decaffeination via the CO₂ method.
This Colombian coffee has an aroma of dark chocolate and is accompanied by fresh sweet citrus flavours with a lingering cocoa note.


La Montagna™

La Montagna™ is passionate about providing clients with world-class experiences. From shopping to tasting, we aim to keep you excited and intrigued while on your coffee journey. La Montagna™ source speciality coffee from farms with responsible environmental practices at the root of their production and which encourage sustainability and empowerment in the community. We hope you enjoy our unique range of coffees.

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La Montagna™

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