Bootlegger Blend Coffee Capsule Sleeve


1 sleeve containing 10 individual capsules filled with Bootlegger 100% Arabica coffe

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– Bootlegger Blend Coffee Capsule Sleeve
– 10 capsules per sleeve
– Compatible with all known brands of Nespresso capsule machines at date of manufacture
– 100% Arabica medium roasted coffee beans
– Minimum of 30% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee used
– We recommend customers set their machine to a 35-40ml espresso shot for maximum enjoyment
– Cape Town’s favourite Coffee – The Bootlegger blend has been compressed into a single serve capsule for the ultimate convenience



Our Coffee

We suppose we could go on for ages about how carefully we select each bean, where the little beans grow up (Guatamala, Costa Rica), the time these little guys take to get to SA (about 4 weeks) and the process they go through before they form part of the Bootlegger culture (ok, you get the idea, this could be a long sentence), but we won’t.
Seriously, we only serve coffee made from the best beans we can find. We also roast them in a way nobody else does – and that’s what makes our coffee full of awesome.

And that’s all you need to know.

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