Agora Turmeric Spice Concentrate


1 x 500ml

6 months Shelf life. Store in a cool, dark place.

Please refrigerate once opened.

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Agora Turmeric Spice Concentrate with Coconut and Thyme

This extraction of turmeric, with coconut, thyme and ginger, takes inspiration from the original “Haldi Doodh” – a rich spice latte of Indian origin with powerful healing properties.

With no added sugar, this infusion still offers a natural sweetness complimented by bold spices and aromatics.

Bright, surprising sodas, twisted tequila-based cocktails or warming lattes to transport you to the markets of India.

You decide.

Available in 200ml (Variety 3 Pack) or 500ml.

Shelf life?
6 months. Store in a cool, dark place. Please refrigerate once opened.


Agora Spice Concentrates

Introducing Agora spice concentrates - A delicious new range of good for you, sugar-free syrups.

Inspired by our café experiences in Australia and throughout Europe, and with a thirst for healthy, exciting, new flavours, we have created a range of spice concentrates with the health-conscious consumer in mind. These syrups are designed to service the growing need for good-for-you alternatives to those traditional beverages, that don’t recognise the modern consumer’s needs for tasty, sugar-free, vegan and overall, healthy options. But here’s the hook: having recognised an ever-growing portfolio of hot and cold beverage offerings in the wellness space, we strove to create something unique in its versatility. These bold concentrates are extracted from the finest spices and aromatics, and with a simple, short pour, can be mixed and blended with a variety of options, to create an effortless café-like experience at home. Latte, soda or cocktail. You decide. Start your drink with a splash of Agora.

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