La Montagna™ 250g Beans Medium Roast


La Montagna™ signature roast. Curated to be a dance of flavour for your taste buds.

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La Montagna™ Medium Roast is our signature roast. A 100% Arabica bean, farmed in Rwanda, roasted to perfection in Cape Town by one of the world’s top roasters and enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world, this expertly roasted premium coffee bean delivers balanced flavours for the coffee aficionado. With a high cupping score of 85, this speciality coffee is a treat for the taste buds.
It boasts rich cherry and citrus flavours when extracted as an espresso while bringing a lovely depth and sweetness when slowly brewed through a filter or even as a cold brew.
Variety: Bourbon
Origin: Rwanda
Process: Fully Washed, Sundried

Tasting Notes: Sweet floral yet fruited aroma with medium malic acidity and medium body. Complex notes of sweet fruits-stoned fruits, cherries and berries and hints of citrus. Sweet with a clean after-taste.


La Montagna™

La Montagna™ is passionate about providing clients with world-class experiences. From shopping to tasting, we aim to keep you excited and intrigued while on your coffee journey. La Montagna™ source speciality coffee from farms with responsible environmental practices at the root of their production and which encourage sustainability and empowerment in the community. We hope you enjoy our unique range of coffees.

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