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The cocktail, named Mojito, was invented in the 1920s in Kuba. Its light, white rum works amazingly refreshing on hot days.
Mojito is made out of fresh green mint, soda, lime, light white rum and cane sugar.

Take this international feeling with you and impress your guests with countless alcoholic and non-alcoholic creations.
Put light white rum, soda and lime together with Mojito Mint syrup. Live up to and beyond your guests´ exceptions with this natural taste of refreshing and tantalizing spearmint and caramelized cane sugar. Use it also for non-alcoholic summer lemonades or mix it with soda.

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The famous Mojito cocktail was born in the sultry bars of pre-revolutionary Havana. Skilled bartenders called upon the local abundance of wild mint “yerbabuena”, cane sugar, lime and rum to create a refreshing cocktail sensation that flavoured the sensual Cuban nightlife. Yet the time consuming preparation of mojitos involving making simple syrup and thoroughly muddling lime and mint leaves, as well as its hard to find ingredients did not travel well to the international bar scene. With MONIN Mojito Mint, making mojitos is now easy. Just combine with rum, club soda and a squeeze of lime! The Mojito is now a standout favorite among American bars and restaurants patrons. Additionally, MONIN Mojito Mint is a refreshing mint and lime flavour that can be used beyond the bar in countless non-alcoholic applications.

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Brand Monin

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