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Theonista is a premium health drink brand established in 2013.

Best known for pioneering kombucha commercially in South Africa, our range also includes healthy craft sodas, rooibos chai, organic teas, and home brew kits.

We love creating products with clean, vibrant flavours that celebrate African botanicals and the healing potential of nature.

One of our core values is "people over machines".

This means we use a truly artisan approach that focuses on small batches and fresh ingredients processed by hand.

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  • Theonista Chai Latte Spiced Tea Concentrate


    6 x 500ml
    How wonderful – a chai latte spiced tea concentrate from Theonista! Making it oh so easy to brew your own cup of chai spiced bliss at any time. This small batch recipe is dairy and preservative free. It includes organic rooibos, spicy ginger, cinnamon & other real ingredients to create the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and soothing with every sip. Simply mix equal part of this concentrate with milk or dairy substitute of your choice. This 500 ml bottle males 1 litre of yummy fresh chai that can be served hot or cold.

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  • Theonista Cream Soda Sugar Free


    6 x330 ml
    A truly clean and cheekily “green” hit of no-nasties nostalgia. Made with natural ingredients including prebiotic-rich organic baobab and green rooibos, this unique rendition of a childhood favourite is a properly grown-up treat. Spoiler alert: it’s golden, not green!

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  • Theonista Ginger Beer Original


    6 x 330mlAn all-natural ginger beer microbrewed using traditional fermentation techniques and high quality, consciously-sourced ingredients. With the unique flavours of organic rooibos and fresh lemon, this makes a great non-alcoholic alternative. Or if you’re not one to go booze-free use it as a mixer for some seriously good cocktails (e.g. Moscow Mule)!

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  • Theonista Ginger Beer Sugar Free


    6 x 330ml
    Theonista’s Sugar Free Ginger Beer is a low-calorie, all-natural microbrew made with high quality, consciously sourced ingredients. With the unique flavours of organic rooibos and fresh lemon, this ginger beer is naturally sweetened with stevia and xylitol. Sip on Theonista’s delicious Sugar Free Ginger Beer for an antioxidant boost in as glass bottle!

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