Juice doesn’t have to be green and filled with Kale to be healthy, pomegranate juice contains over 100 phytochemical.The fruit has been used in medicine for thousands of years, that is why our hearty Pomegranate juice is endorsed by the heart and stroke foundation. The delicious fruit is being studied for its many health benefits including cancer prevention, immune support and fertility. Researchers found that the pomegranate not only prevents hardening of the arteries by reducing the blood vessel damage, but the antioxidant-rich juice may also reverse the progression of this disease. Harvard university did a study in which they noted that the juice can slow the multiplication of and promote the death of cancer cells by apoptosis, a phenomenon characterised as “cell suicide”. The lab results also reveal that pomegranate components can delay angiogenesis, the process that supplies tumors with the new blood vessels that they need to grow. The cancer cells that have been studied extensively, have been breast and prostate tumors. Pomegranate juice has actions that may protect the heart and blood vessels. As potent antioxidants, they can protect cholesterol from the oxidative damage that allows it to damage the walls of blood vessels. They have anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce the inflammation that characterizes the progression of atherosclerosis. Anti platelet actions of the juice could also help prevent artery- blocking blood clots. Many of these pomegranate properties are also displayed by red wine, green tea, cranberries and orange juice which are all rich in polyphenols but pomegranate juice contains three times as much! Additionally it has been shown to aid sports performance and recovery by reducing soreness, improving strength and decreasing oxidative damage caused by exercise. That is why Pomegranate is in the running for the most heart healthy juice on the market today, consuming it daily will help lower your systolic blood pressure. Between the vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and potassium, Pomegranate juice can help prevent illness and fight off infection and is naturally antibacterial and antiviral. Move over, cranberry and beet juice! Pomegranate juice will go straight to your heart! Grab yours here! 100% pomegranate juice: http://www..onlinebeveragestore.co.za/rush-100-pomegranate-juice.html 50/50 pomegranate and water: http://shop.onlinebeveragestore.co.za/rush-pomegranate-juice-lite.html By Lara Mare