Amir Platinum 750ml


Amir Platinum- 100% strength grape juice, blended with 100% rooibos tea, blended with natural Cape botanicals such a Buchu and finished with French oak. 

This drink will pair perfectly with a variety of foods.  Meat dishes, spicy and smoky foods, and a variety of cheeses and desserts

Contains 1 x Amir Platinum 750ml

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The house of Amir started trading in 2013 with this unique product made from Grape Juice, Rooibos tea, Cape botanicals, and French oak. Amir is packaged in mineral water bottles in 750ml size. The drink immediately caught the attention of the non-drinking community, winning the Best Packaging and Product award in Malaysia at MIHAS in 2014 and also the Best Innovation award at FoodBev in 2016.

Often in this market one will find grape juice in champagne bottles and marketed as premium. Amir is unlike this product in many ways. It is always made up of 4 components namely:

  1. 100% strength juice blended with
  2. 100% strength tea blended with
  3. Natural Botanicals
  4. Finished with Oak

This gives Amir a very unique and bespoke mouthfeel as well as interesting aromas on the nose. Amir also pairs very well with food.

Amir Platinum is part of the Precious Stone and Precious metal range.  Consisting of Amir Platinum, Gold, Emerald and Ruby


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