About Us

What can we tell you About Us?!

Online Beverage Store is a premium, passionate and beverage focused online store.

Online Beverage Store teaches you how to create incredible beverages for whoever, wherever and whatever occasion. In addition to teaching you all this, Online Beverage Store also provides everything you need to mix and pour your next beverage!

I’m Jerry, an expert mixologist for Online Beverage Store and I’ve been a part of the ‘OBS’ family since early 2018.
My job is to create new, mouth-watering recipes that people love! It is creativity on another level…of the tastebuds. I know the right combinations that will refresh whoever sips on my drinks, that is what I’m passionate about!
I not only create new beverage recipes, but also refine, revive and improve on classic recipes that have been around for ages by giving them an ‘OBS’ twist!

We want to give you all the necessary tools to become the “Superhost” and hold the title among your Friends and Family circle.

We dont only just bring you Premium and unique products, we bring you applications (the “how to” on what you can create with these products from the comfort of your own home)

Here at Online Beverage Store we believe in teaching you everything we know! We have set up a Recipe Page that reveals how you can make a variety of delicious cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, iced teas, flavoured hot beverages & more!

Visit our Recipe page at this link: https://onlinebeveragestore.co.za/recipes/

You may also send requests or ask for advice on any drink ideas via thirsty@onlinebeveragestore.co.za 


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