CaffeNu - Cleaning Capsules

CaffeNu - Cleaning Capsules

Product code:CaffeNu Cleaning Capsules

Introducing Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Now you are able to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine the nu way by simply inserting the Cleaning Capsule just like a coffee capsule in the front of your coffee machine. The capsule releases a unique foaming action into the brewing chamber that gets rid of all residue build up in just 2 minutes. The ingredient inside the Cleaning Capsule is 100% safe made from biodegradable and organic materials, making your Nespresso® coffee machine as good as nu.

The Caffenu Cleaning Capsule is the first capsule that cleans your Nespresso® coffee machine like no other product can.

Are you aware that every time you use your coffee machine, some coffee stays behind in the brewing chamber that you cannot get rid of by using conventional cleaning methods, not even by descaling your machine? These oils and tannins can eventually block and damage your Nespresso® machine, and decrease the quality of your coffee.

But now there is an easy solution! The Caffenu cleaning capsule was specifically designed to remove all the bitter tannins and odours that sit in the brewing chamber of your machine. With it’s unique foaming action and fast acting detergent, cleaning your Nespresso® machine is now as easy as making a cup of coffee.

Plus the cleaning agent inside the capsule is made from biodegradable and organic materials, and won’t stain your machine, but instead helps to increase it’s life span. With regular use you will ensure that your Nespresso® machine operates like nu again, ensuring that every drink you make is full of flavour to the last drop.

  • Cleans the brewing chamber of your Nespresso® and Caffeluxe coffee machine
  • 5 capsules included in Box
  • Recommended usage: once a week


Brand Cafféluxe
Brand CaffeNu-Brand

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